Oncall Scheduling & Alerts

Fyipe let's you schedule your team on the call duty on a rolling basis and alerts them when incidents happen.


Alerts Before Downtime Happens

Fyipe discovers patterns in performance during and before the downtime and may alert the team before the downtime happens.


Transparent Incident Resolution

All teams get the same visibility for technical and business response orchestration, enabling better collaboration and rapid resolution.


Global Alerts

Our call and SMS alert is global. No matter where your team is, or which timezone they work in. We will call your team when an incident happens.

calendar Flexible on-call scheduling made easy.

Your Team's schedule.

With Fyipe you can schedule on-call for your team with primary and secondary on-call team member and have them rotate week after week, or anyway you like.

  •       Bob     
  • Alice

caution Mitigate Risk, Maximize Agility

Real-time data needs real-time response with enterprise-grade security.

Ensure objects are only available to the right individuals without getting bogged down with complex approval chains or painful workarounds.

flats Enterprise Class

Fyipe is the only digital operations management platform that is purpose-built to support enterprise-grade demands for security, availability, and scale. Fyipe helps you manage incidents of large enterprise projects which involves multiple teams with ease.

We take security and control seriously. Granular access to team members and advanced account management. Fyipe runs on a geo-redundant infrastructure at scale.You can do more with your data — everything from investigating to predicting future downtime before they happen.