Uptime Monitoring
  • Realtime Status

    Show realtime status of your product or service - home page, websites, API, dashboards or more with a hosted status page.

  • Cut Support Costs

    Communicate any incidents through a status page. This saves your customers from creating a flood of support tickets.

  • Showcase Reliability

    Showcase the reliability of your platform and compliance with your SLA and build trust with your customers.

  • Post Investigation Notes

    Have your team post notes and post-mortem when incidents happen and increase transparency and trust with customers.

  • SLA Compliance

    Have Fyipe certify your SLA compliance and showcase that to your existing and potential customers.

  • Monitor Anything.

    An endpoint, applications, a container, cluster, network, or anything else. You name it. We monitor all of them for you.

See our customers
  • cloudboost
  • ironio
  • siemens
  • hersheys
  • elasticstack
  • rentacenter

Save hundreds today, thousands as you grow.

Fyipe replaces 4-5 apps that cumulatively cost a lot, see our comparison below and decide for yourself.



$22/month per user.

  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Beautiful Status Page
  • On-Call Management
  • Log Management
  • Incident Response
  • Automated Tests
  • Application Monitoring
  • 1000+ Integrations

$22/month per user.


  • slack

    PagerDuty: Incident Notifications

    $29/month per user

  • 2

    Pingdom: Website Monitoring


  • 3

    Statuspageio: Status Page Tool

    $29/month limited users

  • 4

    Newrelic: Application Monitoring


$218.95/month per user.

Unlimited Subscribers

Have any number of your customers subscribe to your status page, get alerts when services are down or degraded.

  • Email, SMS and more

    Your customers can pick from different types of notifications channels - Email, SMS, RSS, Webhooks, or Atom Feeds.

  • Branded Notifications

    You can -label or brand notification messages to your subscribers to suit your brand.

  • Improved Experience

    Notify customers proactively when services are down or degraded. This improves trust and customer experience.

Branding and Customization

Customize your status page and make it look like your brand.

Uptime Monitoring
  • Colors and styling.

    Our status page comes in multiple templates, change colors or styling to make it look like your own.

  • Whitelabel and logos

    Whitelabel the status page to your needs, add a logo, custom domain, custom SSL and more.

  • Edit HTML and CSS

    We give you complete flexibility to design your own status page. Edit and implement your own HTML, and CSS.

Multiple Status Pages

Have unlimited number of internal or public status pages per project with unlimited number of subscribers.

Uptime Monitoring

More Status Page Features.

Efficient IT and SRE management
depends on the right information
being shared with the right people
at the right time

Status Page ensures your customers
are notified proactively which
increases trust and improves customer service.

  • Inform users about future Scheduled Maintenance

  • Embed Status Page anywhere - app, website or help-desk.

  • Notify customers by SMS or Email proactively.

  • Display system metrics.

  • Custom domain with SSL.

  • Create multiple status pages and multiple sub-projects.

  • Post investigation notes so your customers are informed.

  • Integrate with 1500+ integrations.

  • Integrate with fully extensible API.

Private Status Pages

Create private status pages for your internal team or your few select customers. Keep your company informed.
Create internal dashboards and more.

Uptime Monitoring
  • Select Team Members

    Pick internal team members or customers who have access to your private status page.

  • Keep company informed

    Pipe status updates into Slack to keep engineering, IT, and Ops teams on the same page.

  • Internal Dashboards

    Create internal reliability dashboards, hook it up to a TV and show them to your team.

1500+ Enterprise Integrations and counting.

Fyipe integrates with over a thousand enterprise-class app and services which helps you streamline and automate your digital ops workflow.