Uptime & Performance Monitoring

Monitor uptime and performance of your dashboards, API's, servers, applications, and more.

Get notified of availability issues.

Knowing when your service is unavailable is critical to any business. That’s why Fyipe will immediately alert you in a way that suits you via email, SMS, or a call to your mobile device. Monitor reliability from anywhere in the world - we have over 40 different test servers all over the world.

  • stopwatch

    1 Minute Checks.

    Fyipe checks the status of the endpoint every minute. Test if your site is available everywhere in the world.

  • network

    Root Cause Analysis.

    Get to the root of any website, server or application outage to resolve the issue and prevent any recurrence.

  • tools

    Monitor Performance

    Monitor performance of your API's, servers and more. We even let you monitor page speed of your apps and let you know when something goes wrong.

Fyipe is great and helps me sleep at night, knowing we have that extra set of eyes watching the performance and reliability.

- Shubham Aggarwal, CTO CloudBoost

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How uptime monitoring helps your business

See how Fyipe's complete monitoring platform can help you reach your business goals.

Never lose a customer.

Truth is downtimes happen. Fyipe keeps both your team and customers looped in about the downtime which increases customer trust.

Improve Customer Experience

Understand and optimize the load performance of every element on your page for a better customer experience.

Fyipe can do more for your business.

We also have a status page and on call scheduling platform that can help your business grow reliabily.

  • battery

    Status Page

    Show case reliabilty to your potential customers, increase transparency, gain trust and reduce support costs during downtime.

  • calendar

    On-Call Scheduling

    Your team is always alerted during a downtime. We also alert the secondary on-call team member if the primary team member misses the alert.