Status Page, Monitoring
and On-call made simple.

Fyipe monitors your website, dashboards, API's, and more and alerts your team when downtime happens. We also give you a Status Page which keeps your customers looped in and improves transparency.

Status Page for internet business.

Fyipe gives you simple status page for your business. Status Page helps you to improve transparency with your customers, build customer trust, cut support costs during downtime and showcase reliability.

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On call and alerts.

Have your team alerted when downtime happens. Waste no time and have your team reliabily work on the issue right away. We alert your team by Call, SMS, and Email. You can also automatically schedule who in your team receives the alert at different time of the day.

Your Team's schedule.

With Fyipe you can schedule on-call for your team with primary and secondary on-call team member and have them rotate week after week, or anyway you like.

  •       Bob     
  • Alice

Uptime Monitoring.

Fyipe monitors your dashboard, landing pages, and API's every minute and keeps your team updated on any downtime that might happen in the future. We also monitor the page response time, page speed and more and help your team remove bottlenecks.

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1000+ Integrations.

Fyipe works with the tools you already use. Connect to hundreds of your favorite apps and services.

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