Beautiful Status Page for your business.

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Whether it's a server issue, bug in production, or DDoS attack, the simple truth is that downtime happens. Launch your status page to ditch the flood of support emails and let your team focus on fixing the problem at hand.

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    Beautiful Status Page

    Showcase your reliability with a beautiful status page that highlights your service level agreement and build trust.

    Check out our status page

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    Reduce support costs

    Let your team focus on fixing the downtime instead of handling a flood of customer support tickets. Fyipe let's you reduce support costs.

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    Build trust.

    Customers value transparency. Allow them to opt into real-time incident and scheduled maintenance notifications via Email, SMS, or Webhook. Trust us, they’ll thank you.

Your Status Page. Your brand.

You can have your own logo, and style to your status page that reflects identity of your business.

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    Your Logo

    All plans come with the ability to use a custom domain like and also the ability to upload a logo or banner image. You'll have your own branded status page instantly.

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    Custom HTML and CSS

    Your status page should feel like an extension of your brand. Depending on your plan, using custom HTML and CSS gives you 100% control of every pixel. Your design and marketing departments will love being able to fine-tune fonts, colors, and all the details that make your brand special.


shieldPrivate Status Pages

Private Status Pages enables IT communication for your employees

  • Private Status Pages are for internal eyes only. Give employees one source of truth and let them opt-into relevant notifications. Hook your private page up to SSO, automate away with your monitoring tools, and never reply to a "what's the status" email again.

  • Keep your company informed. Pipe status updates into Hipchat or Slack to keep engineering, IT, and Ops teams on the same page as they work to resolve the incident at hand.

  • Fyipe integrates with everything you have. Automatically create tickets for DevOps team to fix an issue or keep all your other enterprise systems looped in.


Keep your customers updated.

Cut support costs during an outage.

Ditch a flood of suppport tickets.

Downtime doesn't have to be a customer service disaster. By proactively notifying users of downtime, you can turn a bad situation into a memorable customer experience. Your end users will be able to subscribe to incident notifications via email, SMS, and webhook.


Get the right notification to the right user.

Every application has many parts that customers use - from the database, to the API, to the dashboard and everything in between. Often an incident that affects one user may not affect another. That's why we let your users opt-in to the parts of your service they care about with Component Subscriptions.


Showcase Uptime, Performance and Reliability.

  • Uptime Showcase

    We all need to communicate with users when things go wrong. But what about the other 99.95% of the time? Uptime Showcase is your way to display top-notch availability and reliability. Now your status page can be used as a sales and marketing tool.

  • Display how well your systems are performing

    If you want to prove your organization is committed to transparency, showing exactly how your systems are performing is a step in the right direction with Public Metrics. It can also help your customers self-diagnose problems without ever needing to contact support.


How does Status Page help your business?

Having a status page benefits the whole organization - DevOps teams, Support teams and IT teams.

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    DevOps Team

    When servers are on fire, your team needs to focus on fixing the probems at hand and not communicate with each other internally. Status Page make it very clear to the entire organization about the incident and downtime.

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    Support Teams

    Downtime doesn't have to be a support nightmare. Our customers have seen dramatic reductions in support tickets after launching their status pages. Point customers to your new status page a few times and they'll learn to both check the status page and subscribe to proactive notifications instead of contacting support.

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    IT Team

    Status Page isn’t just for your customers, it’s for your employees too! Hundreds of companies are using Status Page internally to communicate around IT and third party cloud services. With the Jira Service Desk integration, IT Managers are saving hours per week by embedding IT incidents directly on internal help desks.